Paysagiste – horticulteur

Plantenance inc

We are an unconventional landscaping company that is committed to being the best at it, understands that success is a team affair, and cultivates a positive and challenging work environment by hiring and training people talent who share our vision.

Informations sur l'organisation

Nom de l'entreprise : Plantenance inc

Personne ressource : glenn

Adresse électronique :

Téléphone : 514 684-8435

Télécopieur : 514-782-0818

Détails de l'offre d'emploi

Statut d'emploi : Permanent saisonnier

Poste(s) à combler : 3

Date d'entrée en fonction : Immediatement

Nb. heures/semaine : 40

Description sommaire des tâches

As a valued member of our team of experts, you will have the opportunity to hone your skills while creating and/or maintaining exceptional landscaping.

Exigences du poste

 Desire to progress within your position.  Accomplish tasks efficiently in order to achieve objectives.  Dedicated, ambitious and very respectful of the code of ethics.  Have interpersonal skills and ease of communication.  Ability to work outdoors in various conditions.  Safe and efficient operation of equipment and tools of the trade.  Communicate in both languages.  Class 5 driver's license in good standing.  DEC or DEP or equivalent certificate in horticulture / landscaping. TECHNICIAN: HORTICULTURAL MAINTENANCE: At least 1 year of professional experience TECHNICIAN: LANDSCAPE: At least 2 years of professional experience FOREMAN: LANDSCAPE: At least 4 years of professional experience

Autres informations

ENJOY THE BENEFITS OF A REWARDING CAREER PROSPECT WITH AN AWARD-WINNING, WELL-ESTABLISHED COMPANY, as we grow and succeed together. This includes: wages at or above industry standards; benefits for eligible applicants; performance and productivity bonuses; professional development programs; industry certification; safety and first aid training; mid-season weekends off; allowances for massage therapy; opportunities for advancement; the possibility of a permanent position or a return each season.  

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